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How To Leave A Review ❤️

My passion for marriage, the intricate details of weddings, and, most importantly, creating everlasting memories for my couples is boundless. 


It would mean the world to me to hear your thoughts about your Married By Luke experience.

Your reviews on both my Google Business Page and my ABIA Wedding Awards Profile would be incredibly appreciated.


Here's a simple template to assist you in crafting a review based on your journey:


1. What services did you book with Luke, and where did your wedding take place? (Celebrant / MC / DJ)

2. What were your initial impressions when you first met Luke via video call, and what made you choose him for these services?

3. How did Luke perform as your Celebrant, and how did he make you feel on your special day?

4. What was the vibe like as Luke being your MC?

5. Reflect on Luke's DJ services. What was the atmosphere like during the party?

6. Share your thoughts on what it was like to have Luke for your whole wedding day from start to finish?

7. Was there a particular highlight of Luke from your wedding day or your marriage journey?

8. Are there any recurring comments from your guests that you'd like to mention about Luke?

9. Lastly, do you have advice for future couples that are considering getting Married by Luke?


Thank you, legends! 😘


Lots of love from The de Gee’s 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


❤️ Luke, Alana, Barley and Aaliyah.

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