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Why am I YOUR MC?

Hi my name is Luke and I like to party. No seriously, please let me party with you!


For those that know me, or get to know me, find out quickly that I am quite the dancer. They may be somewhat on the money, however I believe I am rather a ‘facilitator of good times’. If you want an awesome wedding ceremony and/or reception that has your whole family, friends and most importantly you captivated from start to finish…I am your man!


You may already have a person in mind that you think would do a good job of being your Reception MC, am I right? The reality is that family and friends may not be comfortable in public speaking or managing the flow of events at the reception.


I personally had my Uncle in mind to MC my wedding, much to my surprise he refused my proposition. At first I was a bit bummed, however he made a good point “Oh hellllll noooo!.... Luke, nephew, I want to just enjoy the day. Do you feel me?”.


Well, we now had to scramble to find an MC and we happened to book one along with our DJ from the same company. We had our meet and greet which went fine, but to be brutally honest we weren’t filled with same confidence that our celebrant had made us feel. In hindsight, I wish I had the same criteria for choosing an MC like I had when choosing a celebrant. The MC really does set the mood and atmosphere for the entire night!


As your MC, you will have a reception that will be one to remember! That is the LDG Guarantee. Rest assured that I will get everyone dancing, laughing, cheering and having the time of their lives, and maybe even a few tears from the bridesmaids and mothers.

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